MarTech for Non-Profits and NGO’s

Did you know that providing high-quality customer relationship management and marketing technology platforms for your customers and donors is more affordable and achievable than you think? By thinking in terms of “cost to raise a dollar,” there are ways to simplify things and keep most of your fundraising money dedicated to your projects, rather than administrative and management costs. Automation through CRM and MarTech platforms can help you manage your cost per dollar raised, and those platforms can be affordable.

Many non-profits forego expensive techie platforms thinking they can manage the workflow themselves without spending money on technology. Somewhere in the attempt to make the most out of Microsoft Office and Google Sheets, things can get sloppy from the costumer’s standpoint. Not every piece of free software is right for you and your customer’s needs. Perhaps you do not require a robust system to get you started but will likely need more services as you grow.

In the world of CRM, there are an overwhelming number of ways to stack free software already designed for non-profits. The key is knowing what you need and when you need it. Once you know what you need, your focus should be on the customer and their experience. Think simple and don’t try to make your customer conform to you. Meet their needs by making it easy for them to communicate with you, purchase from you, and ultimately become a lifelong benefactor.

Are you a non-profit or NGO looking to ramp up your digital marketing productivity? Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out with outdated information from the web. Reach out to us below and we will send you our Non-Profit/NGO MarTech Audit to fill in which will help us help you determine what type of CRM and MarTech stacks can work for you and your donors. We can help you develop a better understanding of how to operate lean in a space filled with over 5,000 digital marketing platforms. We are here to help and all of our audits are FREE!

Focus on what you do best for the world; we will focus the world on you!